• Any dog of any age, physically healthy can join.

  • Minimum age of the handler is 8 years. Maximum age is 126 years.

  • Competition is open to all breeds, including mixed breeds.

  • Dog must be comfortable around people and other dogs, can be handled safely by strangers.

  • Dog must be comfortable and confident in and around water.

  • Dogs in heat will not be allowed within the competition venue. If a dog is found to be in heat, it is the responsibility of the handler to immediately remove the dog from the competition area.


  • Use of a flotation device (life jacket) for the dog is allowed

  • Use of one (1) chase toy (foam ball, plastic bumpers, etc.) OR food containing toy (watertight) is allowed in addition to one (1) sound device (sqeakers, etc.)​​

    • An object may be used to entice the dog to jump into the water, but is not required.
    • The object must be throwable, floatable and retrievable. Examples of an acceptable object would be a bumper, a ball, a Dead Fowl Trainer, or a Frisbee.

    • The object cannot sink, cannot dissolve, cannot be a live or dead animal, and cannot be known as an edible commodity for dogs.

    • The handler must make their best effort to keep the dog under control approaching the pool and start line, including while any chase object is thrown.

    • The handler may choose to release their dog at any time after the start horn, regardless of when they release their chase object.

    • The dog shall not be required to retrieve the object in order to receive a score.


  • Only flat buckle collars are allowed. No slip collars, choke chains, gentle leaders, halti collars, prong collars, or electronic collars.

  • Tab leashes may be worn in the water.



  • Competing dogs will dive and swim one at a time in the resort’s lap pool for the length of 18 meters.

  • Dog will be either placed in a stay or be held by an assistant behind start line.

  • At the sound of the horn, timer starts and handlers will send off their dogs from the start line by throwing a toy into the water. Dog will dive in to get the toy and swim with it to the other end of the pool.

  • After throwing toy and sending their dogs into the pool, handlers may run on either side of the pool to cheers their dogs on or may run directly to the other end of the pool to call their dogs.

  • A finish line will be suspended across the pool at 18 meters from the start line, at a height of four (4) feet from the surface of the water.

  • Timer stops when dogs nose crosses the finish line.

  • The fastest times win.

  • Two categories, Mini (17 inches & below), and Open (Above 17 inches)


  • Handlers are not allowed in the water.

  • Dogs showing signs of discomfort (panic, aggression, pain) will be excused from the competition.

  • All dogs must be leashed before entering the pool and after leaving the pool.

Green Canyon Lap Pool (entire length is 25 meters)
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